Sunmisola Bolaji Mar 09, 2022
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skuad to grow your global team. Employ, pay and take care of your borderless talent.


What is Skuad

One platform to grow your global team. Employ, pay and take care of your borderless talent.


One platform to grow your global team

Hire and pay talent globally, the hassle-free way


Localize employment contracts to match country-specific laws.

Skuad's global employment infrastructure hire your international team. We're all about finding solutions to your fulfilment needs with a new level of confidentiality and security.


Skuad is a global employment infrastructure that connects skilled talent in the World, with top brands at home. Connected through our proprietary recruitment software, we source and recruit the right talent for your company's international expansion. We have a network of thousands of employers across the World harnessing our unique search & selection algorithms to find the right candidates. It takes less than 30 seconds to search our database of 3 million+ qualified professionals, jobseekers and companies looking for your opportunity. As a result, you can hire reliable employees at scale while building your business' brand in new markets.


Skuad's global employment infrastructure to hire your international team. With offices in: Berlin, Beirut, Dubai, London, Mumbai, Moscow, New Delhi, Riyadh and Shanghai. We are the top choice for engineering employees all over the world. We have worked on projects for Nokia, Microsoft Syria and Mailchimp.

One platform to grow your global team. Employ, pay and take care of your borderless talent.


Skuad is trusted by nearly a million clients and is working with almost every global hiring firm or talent acquisition system. We've served businesses from start-ups to fortune 100 companies and heard from thousands of job seekers . Our team is comprised of seasoned talent managers, solution architects, data scientists, recruiters, IT specialists, hiring managers and operations professionals. Their collective experience allows Skuad to offer a breadth of HR capabilities on all fronts: placement for finding international candidates, integration for travel team members and local guidance for getting the most out of your foreign employee's stay.


Skuad is an international recruitment firm working with countries from all over the world. We help companies to successfully hire and retain the best talent, everywhere. Thanks to our global reach and our experience in adding value by leveraging technology and trusted networks, we can create incentives for your employees anywhere in the world. We offer a complete portfolio of services including video conferencing, staffing consulting and full outsourcing services. All this means we are able to provide you with efficiency, quality and great value at every step of the recruitment process .

 One platform to grow your global team. Employ, pay and take care of your borderless talent.

Human Resources are an increasingly integral part of an organization's success. Keeping a good HR team is not just important for short term growth. Having the right people becomes much more complex when you have one or more subsidiaries in multiple places around the world. There are some key areas that need to be covered: To recruit the best talent regardless of location, a worldwide executive search program needs to be in place to meet the needs at all levels of your organization. It is important to track regional and national hiring trends, issues and courses of action.


Streamline Your International Payroll

Automate payments, review salaries and run global payroll with a single click. Pay your employees and contractors in 160+ currencies with one bulk payment, and ensure your global team gets paid accurately and on time, every time