Sunmisola Bolaji Dec 11, 2021
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Improve your daily work with Metricool

Analyze, manage and grow your digital presence everything in a single keep away from getting misplaced in statistics scattered across specific systems.

Metricool unifies the information from your website, social networks, and online advertisements into one region so it’s smooth to study and improve your strategy. region. Plan your social media content material, overview your statistics, and manage your on line ad campaigns. shop time and improve your approach through planning your social content material.

Metricool’s connector for Google records Studio compiles records out of your social networks, and insight into your competitors social media activity (inclusive of fb ads), within statistics Studio. Use this statistics to create complete reviews and inform destiny social method. to be had for any group or corporation plan.

How to Manage Your Social Media Account Efficiently: A blog on how to be more efficient online along with tools and tips you can use.

Sell More with Social Media with metricool: We turn everything you already have into a valuable asset. Why Measure Success? Why Account for Everything? Why metricool?

 A blog that gives you the reasons why you should use metricool to assist your marketing strategy.

metricool is a social media management tool that helps you plan, manage, and grow your digital presence.

Meticool is proud to announce the launch of a new digital marketing platform that helps users manage, analyze and report on their social media performance. With the meteoric rise of social networks, managing a company's digital presence has become a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. A recent report from BIA/Kelsey stated that "companies are finding that it is no longer sufficient to simply maintain presences in social media.

These companies must now actively participate in these communities to drive awareness, generate leads and increase sales." Meticool was designed with the needs of today's businesses in mind. Instead of focusing on long-term strategy, Meticool focuses on helping users manage their daily social media content and online ad campaigns. Meticool offers an easy-to-use dashboard where users can plan and schedule content such as posts and tweets, monitor online ad campaigns, track engagement, analyze data, and more. Experience: As a Serial Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the high technology industry, I have always been fascinated by emerging technologies like social networking. After seeing how difficult it was for business owners to manage their digital presence I decided to create a solution to help them do so.

We are a small team of professionals, passionate about creating an awesome product. It's not just a tool to help you manage your social media accounts, it's also a social platform where you can share your experience and learn from other users.


We made metricool because we couldn't find anything like it on the market. We wanted something easy to use that would help us do our job better and faster.

Experience: Our combined experience in the digital marketing industry is more than 10 years. We have helped many clients with their online presence. When we started using metricool for ourselves, we realized that there was really no tool like this on the market. So we decided to build it!

End: We would love to have the opportunity to discuss your needs and demonstrate our software in person. Please let us know when works best for you so we can schedule a time to meet with you.

meticool helps you manage, analyze and optimize your social media.

Experience: I am a software developer with more than 5 years of experience in the IT field with expertise in web development. I have developed 3 applications for Windows, Web and Mobile platform. My most recent application is an open source project on Github named metricool that is used by more than 100 people worldwide. The feedback from the community has been positive and led me to create this business which I am currently running as a side-project since February 2014.


Investing a good amount of my time into building this product, I have tried to make the application as user friendly and easy to use as possible while at the same time offering features that are not available anywhere else in one single package. In addition to that, I am constantly looking for ways to improve the software to make it even more effective.