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Sunmisola Bolaji Dec 14, 2021
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The 77 Copywriting Secrets Official Guide


Live Marketing HQ has given the opportunity to thousands of ambitious men and women from all walks of life cut loose from their day jobs “working for the man” and become self-styled online entrepreneurs. 


The 77 Copywriting Secrets Official Guide

“Read on. No matter whether you’re an Affiliate or Publisher, my letter below could EXPONENTIALLY boost your online sales.”  - Justin Atlan, Inc. 5000 CEO & 8-figure Marketer


Live Marketing HQ is an independent web site providing working class individuals with an effective and proven business model for building a successful online business using the power of the internet and doing it from home.


Become a member of Live Marketing HQ and build a team of your own. Engage with our fundamental technologies and tools that will let you instantly scale to meet the demands of growing numbers of users in various markets.


Start Your Own Internet Business - Become An Internet Marketer Now! You can follow the latest developments in the world of online marketing without the expense of running your own website. Live Marketing HQ offers valuable tips and hot tips on using social media to promote your business, setting up your search engine optimization, and other essential tools for staying ahead of the game. We’ll show you what works and what doesn’t, so you can sharpen your skills and build your business fast.


Are you tired of working for your boss? Do you feel like you deserve more from life? Is there a gap between your skills and goals and the opportunities out there? We get it. It’s hard to walk away from the comfort of a steady paycheck, but at LMHQ we believe everybody deserves something better. And we’ve designed our training to help you get exactly what you want.


This live marketing training session has been precisely designed to provide you with all you need to know to launch and run your own successful online marketing business. We do not believe in selling you something that is not deliverable, so each of our members is assigned a team member who will walk them through the entire setup process of their brand new online business so they can begin making money immediately."


Have you ever had that entrepreneurial burning desire that you just had to do something? That driving force that caused you to work evenings and weekends while browsing online forums and reading blogs about how you too can leave your 9 to 5 existence behind and become a successful entrepreneur...


The Internet has caused massive changes in the way people go about doing business. And while some have grasped these changes with their teeth, others have just let it pass them by. We asked some of the world’s most successful online marketers how they had achieved that success.


On this site you will discover the finest affordable marketing courses and tools available. Learn how to market your products or services online while taking advantage of all the social media platforms.


Live Marketing HQ has helped people from all walks of life and all corners of the world. They’re doctors and lawyers with years of experience who just wanted a change in their lives. They’re stay-at-home moms and college students looking for a fast, fun way to make money from home. Who they are doesn’t really matter though – why you should join Live Marketing HQ is what really matters.


Ok, I’ll admit it. I have a serious man-crush on our copywriter... 

Quick introduction: My name is Justin Atlan and I head the most successful and comprehensive digital marketing training on the Internet. 

It’s called Live Marketing HQ.

Live Marketing HQ has given the opportunity to thousands of ambitious men and women from all walks of life cut loose from their day jobs “working for the man” and become self-styled online entrepreneurs.  

LiveMentorHQ is the original Internet Marketing company specializing in helping ambitious individuals launch home-based business ventures. We’ve helped thousands of people become self-styled online entrepreneurs since 1995 with our Live Marketing System, which combines sales & marketing on the Internet with an offline sales force. Now, our flagship Personal Success Kit is available to everyone.


The Ultimate Copywriting Guide "77 Surefire Tips to Accelerate Your Online Marketing Success"  

Without the ‘insider secrets’ you face being left scratching your head at why your competitors are pulling in hundreds of sales a day while you have yet to make a single one.  

I’m talking about tools, tips and tricks, such as:  

Tip #1: The one "humbling epiphany" you must embrace if you want to massively succeed selling ClickBank products... 

Tip #29: The simple email subject line that can make you a major or minor fortune as an affiliate...  

Tip #10: One counter-intuitive rule that makes prospects stick to sales letters like Gorilla glue.  

Tip #39: How to get “NSA-level intel” on what works on ClickBank--WITHOUT using ClickBank...  

Tip #17: Powerful tactic to help someone online overcome doubt, skepticism and lack of trust…  

Tip #44: “The Oprah Strategy” for building a ClickBank empire…  

Tip #24: The tiny ‘back-end’ leverage point that creates ClickBank millionaires.  

Tip #18: How to flip the ‘convinced’ switch in a prospect’s brain…   


● Tip #23: How to get your prospect to overcome mountains of skepticism and part with their hard-earned money…  


● Tip #8: Why and how Facebook stalks you--and what you can do to almost guarantee it does not shoot down your ads, suspend or ban your account…  


● Tip #4: How to avoid making your VSL sound like a 90-minute timeshare presentation. (PLUS: Why the days of writing like past copywriting greats are over.)  


● Tip #2: “Inversion copy” strategy for driving high-value, targeted traffic to ClickBank offers…  


● Tip #12: THE ONE SUBTLE BUT POWERFUL ACTIVITY you can do that makes a ClickBank publisher's sales job significantly easier...  


● Tip #13: The 3-letter word prospects love even more than highly relevant content...  


● Tip #26: Discover what copy is working RIGHT NOW. (As a copywriter, understand that buying habits evolve and change all the time. What worked yesterday, does NOT work today...)  


● Tip #6: Why social media platforms hate copywriters and the smart way you as an ethical copywriter can use this to your advantage...  


● Tip #16: Prospects need THIS before you can even think about selling something...  


● Tip #20: The TRUTH about ClickBank® sales funnels (and how to build a relentless sales machine BEHIND your $37 e-book offer)  



This is the stuff nobody ever teaches.    

Tip #59: The 8-letter word that has shown to unlock ClickBank riches.  

● Tip #19: Want to know the marketer’s most coveted possession online? (Whatever you do, don’t let go of this precious resource!)  

● Tip #7: Facebook Ad Tracking Exposed: How Zuckerberg and pals decide your business’s fate. (If you’ve ever been kicked off FB then THIS could be the little known reason why) 

This Facebook tip is actually the reason so many ClickBank marketers are getting thrown off different platforms right now.  

Yet, once you understand it from Google or Facebook or Yahoo’s point of view, you stand to find massive success while your competitors remain stunned as their businesses suddenly disintegrate. 

This is the kind of ‘secret’ that can help bulletproof your business. However you simply won’t find this in other copywriting courses. 


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