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Sunmisola Bolaji Dec 14, 2021
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In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is simply the process by which an individual earns money by marketing the product of another individual.


1. Someone else creates the product & sales process…

2. You just send people who might be interested to their site…

3. You earn commissions every time someone purchases!

I just came across this, and it's awesome.

You're getting 10,000 people (who've already shown interest in your niche) that are interested in making money online.

They'll give you their email, so you can send them promotions.

Then, you can followup with them and offer them your services.

They'll only pay you for results, so you don't have to worry about converting them.

You get a done-for-you sales funnel, and all you do is promote it.


"The 10k Done-For-You Affiliate Sales Funnel"


You wake up, take a shower, get ready for work, eat breakfast, and commute. Then, you drive to work, sit at your desk, and hope the project that you’ve been assigned is exciting enough to keep you from getting bored.

But, that’s about to change.

You now have the opportunity to have a career that revolves around helping people while doing something you’re good at.

How do you know that?

Well, that's the tough part. How can you be sure?

But here's one trick. The way to get rich is to have a business that you run automatically, while you do something else.

One way that this happens is for passive income. You run your business so that it runs itself. You set it up to generate income.

For example, when you buy a website, you set it up so that it generates money for you. You set it up to sell products. You set it up to attract customers.

Then, after you buy that website, you don't have to do anything. Your site runs itself.

And it happens while you sleep.

And it works 24/7/365.

And it works automatically.

And it works even when you're not there.

And it works even when nobody's there.

And it works even though you don't pay anybody.

And it works even if you have no business skills.

And it works even if you have no website experience.

And it works even if you have no technical experience.

And it works even if you have no marketing experience.

And it works even if you have no business experience.

And it works even if you know nothing about computers.

And it works even if you have no talent.

And it works even if you don't have any money.

And it works even if you don't have any sales experience.

And it works even if you have no business experience.

And it works even if you have no product.

And it works even if you have no product experience.

And it works even if you have no experience.

And it works even if you know nothing about business.

And it works even if you have no technical skills.

And it works even if you have no marketing experience.


 Most people, when starting out, have to generate sales themselves. They spend their time calling people, writing ads, making sales presentations, and so on.


Eventually, however, the workload becomes overwhelming. You can't keep calling people, writing ads, making sales presentations, and so on. You run out of time.

The problem with any strategy is that it's easy to think about, hard to execute, and any mistakes you make are magnified.

Most marketing strategies are like that.

The key to success is to focus, simplify, and execute.

That means you have to figure out what the most important tasks are.

Then figure out how fast you can complete them.

And once you have started, don't stop until you're done.

The key to success is focus.

What strategy should a marketer adopt?

The easy answer is to focus on whatever strategy seems most promising.

But that's often the wrong answer.

Most of the successful marketing strategies in history weren't easy.

The first ones to catch on were probably the ones people thought was most promising.

But the strategy turned out to be hard to execute.

Advertising, for example, was touted as the next big thing, and for a while it seemed to have the potential to revolutionize the advertising business. But after a couple of decades, advertisers found they hadn't found the formula, and marketers moved on to the next thing.

Successful marketing requires discipline.

That means you have to focus your resources on what you have to do now.

But you still have to keep an eye out for opportunities and threats.

Look at the history of advertising, for example.

There was, in the early twentieth century, a consensus among advertisers that television advertising would ruin their industry. It didn't.

Advertising isn't guaranteed to pay off.

The Internet, on the other hand, is new, and nobody has figured out how to make money from it.

But it's still growing, and as it grows, opportunities will arise.

The key is to be ready.

The key to success is discipline.

That isn't to say that there aren't opportunities, or that you shouldn't experiment.

Then you have to make a decision. Either you have to hire employees to do the work or you hire a system to do the work for you.

The Internet is the Wild West of sales: you don't need a license to sell there, but you need a license to operate. A 2005 Federal Trade Commission study found that 40% of online companies go bust each year, and many more never make a profit.

One company, 12 minutes Affiliate has found a way to use the Internet profitably without bothering with licensing. Its system, called Sleep-Sales, lets users order software over the Internet, but send the sales confirmation to their office instead of their bedroom. When the user wakes up, the office sends a confirmation back to the customer.

The advantage of 12 minutes Affiliate over ordinary software sales is that companies can mail the software without running afoul of telemarketing laws, which require that a company reach customers through live agents. 12 minutes Affiliate also cuts out the cost of printing, shipping, and handling.

The advantage of Sleep-Sales over ordinary telemarketing is that customers receive the products by mail, in private. If the customer doesn't respond, the mail can be put off until later, or sent directly to a junk-mail box.





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